If there is a sector of the Brazilian economy recognized for its ethics, competitiveness, and ability to make people happy, it is the cooperative sector.

Regardless of the world economic scenario or the political changes, all Brazilian cooperatives – more than 6,600 – remain solid and growing. We have combined economic and social development, productivity and sustainability, individuals and the collective, in a more ethical, fairer and more sustainable business model.

The Brazilian cooperatives are represented in Brazil and worldwide by the OCB System, which consists of three entities that, together, perform political representation, promote the cooperative system and respect for the rights that cooperatives have as generators of employment and income. Learn more about each of these three entities:

Organization of Brazilian Cooperatives


National Service of Cooperative Learning


National Confederation of Cooperatives


Meet the OCB System

The OCB System works to build stronger, more united cooperativism. Because when cooperatives grow, the country grows together. There are thousands of businesses and initiatives throughout Brazil that contribute to economic and social development.