The Brazilian cooperatives deliver much more than quality to customers. They deliver products that respect the environment and observe good economic practices and the human rights. We are sustainable, with great pride, and we work to cause the smallest possible impact on the health of our planet and future generations. To increase the visibility of the products and services exported by the Brazilian cooperatives, we annually publish the Brazilian Catalogue of Exporting Cooperatives. Available in ten languages, it lists the names, contacts and main products marketed by the Brazilian cooperatives.

Today, the Brazilian cooperatives export their products to 147 countries. We are already a benchmark in the sale of coffee beans, sugar, chicken giblets, and other commodities. But although agricultural products are important to cooperative exports, we also offer other products, such as ores, softwares, handicrafts, footwear and transportation services.

Top Importers of Products From Brazilian Cooperatives


Brazil has 213 export cooperatives, that operate in the following segments