Brazilian cooperatives employ 377,000 workers in technical, strategic and operational roles. And just as employees gather in unions to fight for their rights, in Brazil employers also organize unions in order to discuss and reach agreements that are good for both cooperative workers and employers/owners.

In practice, the unions of employers are responsible for ensuring the sustainability of businesses, negotiating collective agreements and creating conditions to keep the jobs of their employees. Many of them join into confederations to have stronger representation and political strength. This is the case of the unions of employers of Brazilian cooperatives, which are collectively represented by the National Confederation of Cooperatives (CNCoop).

As a technical and representative body, CNCoop defends the category of employers at the administrative, judicial and non-judicial levels. In addition, it conducts programs to disseminate the interests of the category and train cooperative leaders and members on union topics and labor relations.

Our mission

Defend the cooperative movement and the interests of the economic category of Brazilian cooperatives.