OCB was created to open doors to Brazilian cooperatives in the country and abroad. It is the voice of these institutions; it helps them to prospect new businesses and represents their political, commercial and legal interests front to the governments, courts, and other strategic stakeholders, making them stronger.

At the international level, OCB has a double challenge. It disseminates the know-how and the work of the Brazilian cooperatives worldwide, while it promotes prospecting missions to identify the best practices of foreign cooperatives, encouraging intercooperation between Brazil and other countries.

Another strategic role of the OCB is to offer technical studies, analyses and guidance services that can increase the competitiveness and sustainability of Brazilian cooperatives.

Nationally, the OCB acts to defend the cooperative interests with the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches. It helps in a strategic and systematic way, it helps build public policies, propose laws and regulatory frameworks that favor cooperatives and, consequently, for the social and economic development of Brazil.

Our mission

To promote an environment that favors the development of Brazilian cooperatives, through political and institutional representation.