Knowledge is power! In a world of increasingly fierce competition, those who know the market better and understand the importance of networking will significantly increase the chances of growing in a sustainable way.

Considering the above, the Brazilian government has created a network of state-run entities to foster professional training and education in economic sectors that are strategic for the country’s development, including cooperatives, which since 1999 have been supported by Sescoop (the National Service of Cooperative Learning), an institution dedicated to the development of cooperative management, governance and culture.

Thinking of the future, Sescoop works today for the sustainability of Brazilian cooperatives, offering products and services of three categories.

Professional training — knowledge is the key to growth and differentiation from the competition. For this reason, Sescoop designs training programs for cooperatives and their members.

Monitoring — Sescoop guides cooperatives in their self-management, detecting development opportunities to ensure the cooperative sustainability and longevity.

Social promotion — besides working for the commercial and professional success of the Brazilian cooperatives, Sescoop improves the quality of life of cooperative members and communities around the cooperatives, through the creation of community programs that promote culture, leisure, well-being and health of people. They are social projects that actually have a positive and long-term impact on people’s lives.

Our mission

To promote cooperative the culture and the improvement of management for the development of Brazilian cooperatives.